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Asher Harris: Performing on Sunday, October 15 & 30.

JOIE GRANDBOIS: Performing on October 27, 28

Joie is a dancer, choreographer, musician, writer…storyteller. Whether she is using the medium of dance, rhythm or words, Joie seeks to bring to life the character present in a creative work.
Joie is the founder of the interdisciplinary variety show troupe Dark Follies which has been performing in New England since 2008.

She is an experienced reader and teacher of tarot which she has studied for over 30 years. You can read more about Joie here!


ELIZABETH ANGELA FORD - Performing on October 27, 28

Elizabeth has always had a flare for the dramatic, especially in artistic expression. She has been a reader/ healer of metaphysical workings for 15 years, and specializes in intuitive energy, and akashic records among other gifts. She very much enjoys expressing herself and getting others to express through spoken word, music , and anything that can expel energy in the most creative of ways. ​She is a big energy compacted in the skin the universe provided her with, and intends on making the best of it!


Gret & Bruce are the owners of The Witchery. They are also in the band Calamus. Gret is the producer and director of The Tarot Experiment, plays keyboards & acoustic guitar, and writes music & spoken word for the shows. Bruce handles sound & guitars, and writes some of the music as well. You can read more about these two and their band Calamus here!


 $10  Advance Tickets   

$15   At the Door

Immerse Yourself in the Mysteries!

Gatto: Performing on October 7, 20th 


Be part of The Tarot Experiment show as we explore our inevitable descent into darkness, with the tarot mysteries at the heart of it all. Enjoy a tarot-themed evening of music, performance art, video & more, as we slip between worlds!


Bashirah: Performing on Saturday, October 21