The Witchery is a unique performance space, tarot reading room & gift shop, located at 61 Wharf Street, Pickering Wharf, Salem, MA.  

Hours Vary- You can call or text Gret anytime at 339-203-1307.  We are just a few minutes away! 




  • The Tarot Experience Show: (April - October) Please click on the tab at the top of the page for more information!


  • Group Tarot: Stop in with your friends for a group tarot session, and learn how the tarot works! Offered daily, these sessions are a fun way for you and your group to explore tarot cards together. Everyone gets their own deck to shuffle and spread as we explore symbols, traditional meanings & our intuition, receiving guidance and illumination from the tarot!

  • Individual Tarot Readings: Individual half-hour tarot readings are interactive, fun, and include a free personal “Tarot Profile” upon request.

  • Spell Casting: Dive into the world of magick! Spell casting sessions take you through the steps of casting your very own spell, using the traditional tools of a witch. Come alone or bring your party!


  • We currently sell artwork & crafts by Hannah Reidy, Glenn Church Kathryn Fedora, Susan Engstrom,  Becky deVries, Clockwork Dragon Designs, Jim Bostick, Vanessa Ramzieh, Kathleen Sullivan, and our "Edinburgh-Salem Connection" artists Theo Cleary and Alima Askew. 


  • Party Rentals: (with or without tarot reader): Rent out The Witchery for your private party! Here you can rent our space, bring food, drink, or whatever you like.  There will be a tarot reader on hand in the back room, and you can have private readings during your event. We provide tables and chairs in the larger room. Everything else is provided by you.

  • Event Rentals: Rent the Witchery for your event. Maximum occupancy is 28 people. Call for pricing and details.


  • Click on the tab at top of page, or Visit our The Witchery Salem's Facebook event page for information.


  • There is public parking at Pickering Wharf, and at the nearby South Harbor Garage. There are parking spaces along Derby Street, and free parking on Blaney street, at the Salem Harbor Ferry. 


About The Owners


  • Gret is co-owner of The Witchery.  She  is a witch, performer, writer, composer and the creative director of The Tarot Experience. She grew up on the south shore of  Massachusetts, but moved to California for several years, where she furthered her pursuit of music and metaphysics.  At the Witchery, Gret provides tarot readings, one on one workshops, and group tarot and spell casting sessions. Gret has been teaching tarot and divination classes for the past 12 years in Cambridge and Boston, MA, and on the south shore. 


  • Bruce is co-owner of The Witchery and guitarist extraordinaire for The Tarot Experience!  When he is not commuting back & forth to Cambridge, he is playing guitar or gigging in the greater Boston area with his other bands, Broken Rose and Crazy Fingers.  Bruce is involved in performance, sound, and other aspects of helping to run the business!

The Witchery

61 Wharf St, Pickering Wharf

Salem, MA

Performances - Tarot Readings - Classes - Gifts