Michael grew up on the south shore of Massachusetts and recently moved to Salem.  He has been a solitary practitioner of Wicca since age 13 and has always been intrigued by and drawn to occult teachings.  Michael has also been studying the Tarot for over twenty years and has experience doing readings at restaurant events, bookstores, house parties as well as private/couples readings and Tarot lessons.  Michael loves to travel and has been to over twenty countries and given readings for clients on four continents.  He also loves to draw and create art of all kinds in his spare time, but spends most of his time working with children in bilingual education.  

by Appointment

Some Walk-Ins available. Contact for details.

Individual:  $50 / 30 Minutes 

Group (2 or more):  $100 / 60 minutes 

Salem & Tarot go hand-in-hand! Book a traditional tarot reading, or a Tarot Session.  Tarot Sessions are a great way for you and your friends to explore the cards together. Using symbols, traditional meanings & intuition, you will begin to develop a relationship with the Tarot. Anyone can learn how to read tarot cards. The images are universal and available to all!

Decks provided or bring your own.

Date: Tuesday, October 3

Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

​Price: $20

Theban script, also known as the witches’ alphabet, is used by modern witches to encode their writing for spellwork, entries in one’s Book of Shadows, or to carve into wands or candles.  In this class, we will use a mixture of simple techniques and games to learn how to read and write in Theban.  During the second half of the class, we will spend time writing a haiku or short poem to transcribe into Theban script on large paper.  Students are encouraged to present their work to the group.  All materials will be provided.  ​​​

With Michael Richmond

Tarot Sessions & Readings

​With Gret


With Michael Richmond

Gret has been teaching Tarot & Witchcraft for over 13 years. She recently taught at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Brookline Adult Education Center, and Women of Wisdom in Easton, MA. She is also the creator of The Tarot Experiment, Tarot Theatre, and other tarot-themed performances.  She founded Calamus, the original rock band that provides the soundtrack for The Tarot experiment shows. (Click on the Calamus link above for more info.)

For her, the intuitive arts are a tool for accessing ideas and information, which continue to influence her creative endeavors. She looks forward to sharing & exchanging ideas on the tarot with you!

Date: Tuesday, October 10

Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Price: $20

Come learn about the Tarot and get inspired to draw!  In this class, we will use drawing as a method for paying attention to the details of the cards to gain a better understanding of their meanings.  The first half of the class will focus on the minor arcana, and I will present a simple method of understanding the cards for beginners.  Students are encouraged to draw as they take notes.  Then we will focus on drawing some of the cards from the major arcana, whether you want to recreate the imagery or design your own interpretation.  We will use the drawings to teach each other about the meaning of the major arcana card(s) we designed.  If you’re feeling ambitious, you might end up creating your own Tarot deck after this class.  Please come to the class with your own art materials, such as paper/index cards, pencils/markers, or whatever you prefer that isn’t too messy.

Spell Casting Sessions

With Gret


If you would like to teach a class at The Witchery, please contact us!


Gret McGilvray

Tarot Sessions / Spell Crafting




​Classes: Theban Script / Tarot and Art


A Conjuring of Art & Magick

by Appointment

Some Walk-Ins Available. Contact for details.

Individual: $50 / 30 Minutes

Group (2 or more): Prices Vary. 

What would your visit to Salem be without diving into the world of magick? These personalized sessions take you through the steps of crafting and casting your very own spell, using the traditional tools of a witch.

Come alone or bring your party!