THE TAROT EXPERIENCE - A Live, Tarot-Themed Show

Regular Schedule: April - October: Saturdays @ 3:30pm / July - October: Fridays 7pm, Saturdays 3:30pm

Or book a private show for your group! 

Capacity: About 20 people Every Hour

DiscountedGroup Price: $11.70 person 

Length of Stay: About 40 Minutes
The Tarot Experience is an ongoing, multimedia show that lets you experience The Tarot through an alchemy of sights, sounds & movement! Themes like The Magician, The Fool, The Tower, The Hanged One and many others come to life through live, original music, performance art, theatrical dance, spoken word, video projections & more.  What happens at The tarot Experience?

Get Situated! 

Watch our 2-minute video: What’s the Deal with Tarot Cards? which loops around while you are settling in. This video touches on Tarot history, and dispels some of the misconceptions surrounding the cards. You may also interpret our Tarot Card-of-the-Day your way, to be read on stage by one of our performers.

The Tarot Comes to Life on Stage!

Enjoy an alchemy of sights, sounds and movement, as performers lend their vision and talent to our shows.  Each tarot theme is introduced with spoken word poetry, then followed by one or more of the following: performance art, dance, live music, video. 

Stick Around!

  • Free, One-Card Reading: At the end of the show, a large tarot deck is passed around, as audience members pick a card for a brief, one-card tarot reading, while still in their seats.
  • Browse Our Gift Shop: Browse local art or witchy gift items for sale in our gift shop.
  • Schedule an in-depth Tarot Reading-: Take advantage of audience discounts for a more in-depth tarot reading or spell casting session. 

The Tarot Experience is a unique event. No two shows are ever alike. We invite you to immerse yourself in the mysteries!


​Schedule: By Appointment

Capacity: 10 people Every Hour

Length of Stay: About 40 minutes.

Prices Vary. Call / text for Details.
Stop in with your friends for a group tarot session, and learn how the tarot works! Offered daily, these sessions are a fun way for you and your group to explore tarot cards together.  Everyone gets their own deck to shuffle and spread, as we explore symbols, traditional meanings & our intuition, receiving wisdom and illumination from the tarot!​ 


​Schedule: By Appointment
Capacity: 10 People Every Hour

Prices Vary.  Call / text for details
What would your visit to Salem be without diving into the world of magick? These personalized sessions take you through the steps of casting your very own spell, using the traditional tools of a witch.  Come alone or bring your party!

The Witchery is at 61 Wharf St, Pickering Wharf, Salem, MA. Just walking distance from the Salem Witch Museum & House of Seven Gables, Pickering Wharf is home to restaurants and one-of-a-kind shops.

Open year round:  Hours and days change depending on the season. Please call or check websites for updates.



  • Museum Place Garage - 978.745.8120 (across from Visitors Center).
  • South Harbor Garage - 978-741.2880 (across from Pickering Wharf)
  • MBTA Garage, 252 Bridge St., Salem, MA

Motor Coach Parking:

  • Drop Zones – 10 Minute Limit
  • 270 Washington Square West (near the Salem Witch Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem Common)
  • Salem Maritime National Historic Site, 160 Derby Street
  • Salem Visitor Center, 2 New Liberty Street (note: Liberty Street is closed on weekends), one-way access via Essex Street to New Liberty Street

Running time for our Tarot Experience show is about 45 minutes. Running time for our Group Tarot and Spell Casting varies, depending on the size of the group. Usually around 45 - 60 minutes.


Group Size: 8 people are needed to book a private performance.  Private shows must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. We offer a 10% discount on groups of ten or more people. 

Reservations:  The Witchery is a small performance space that seats about 15 people per show. Therefore, it is best to book a reservation for your group. 

Payment:  We accept cash, check and all forms of credit. Some reservations require a deposit. Please contact the Witchery for details.

Complimentary Tickets:  these are available to drivers, tour directors and teachers, for groups of 20+.

Welcome To The Witchery!

Coming to Salem with your group? The Witchery has 3 exciting events to offer:

The Tarot Experience Show

Group Tarot Readings

Group Spell Casting Sessions

THE WITCHERY / 61 Wharf St / Pickering Wharf / Salem, MA

Call/Text:   339-203-1307


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