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Group & Private Sessions

Stop in with your friends and get a tarot reading together! Offered daily, these hands-on, interactive readings are a fun way for you and your group to explore the tarot. Everyone gets their own deck to shuffle and spread, as we look at the meanings together. Tarot is a great way to gain insight into situations and to access ideas and information that can help us move forward in our lives.

You can also receive a private, interactive tarot reading at The Witchery. Interactive readings aim to dissolve the wall between reader and querent (you!), fostering a collaborative, idea-generating approach to the tarot. These sessions give you a reading, while also helping you to create a relationship with the cards.

Book Appointment: 339-203-1307

Schedule: Walk-in or By Appointment
Group Capacity: 2 - 5 People
Price Varies.  Call / text for details