Stop in with your friends and get a tarot reading together! Offered daily, these hands-on, interactive readings are a fun way for you and your group to explore the tarot. Everyone gets their own deck to shuffle and spread, as your reader helps you understand the meanings behind the cards. Tarot is a great way to gain insight into situations and to access ideas and information that can help us move forward in our lives. 

Schedule: Walk-in or by Appointment. (Larger groups please call/text ahead of time)
Capacity: 2 - 5 people Every Hour
Length of Stay: Depends on size of group. Usually 45 minutes. 

Price: Discounts available for groups. Call / text for more information.

Receive a private, interactive tarot reading at The Witchery. Interactive readings aim to dissolve the wall between reader and querent (you!), fostering a collaborative, idea-generating approach to the tarot. These sessions give you a reading, while also helping you to create a relationship with the cards.

Schedule: Walk-ins welcome, or by appointment
Length of Stay: Half Hour
Price: $55